The EUCARPIA Cereal Section Conference, to be held from May 15-20, 2023 at the Cereal Research Nonprofit Ltd., Szeged, Hungary. Professionals in Cereal R&D from 35-40 countries expected to be here.

The Conference will focus on core issues of Crop Improvement and management of Cereal genetic resources, plant–soil relations, molecular biology, quality aspects and other topics of modern agriculture. All these aspects are in coherence with the recent EU and FAO goals, and objectives of your Company. Accordingly, we request you to kindly consider to participate and be a Sponsor of the Conference.


We are pleased to tell you that there will be a desk just at the venue to set up a small technical exhibition to show your novel product(s). The yard is appropriate to set up exhibition for new machinery products (seeding, harvesting, other machineries). You are welcome in the Cereal Research Ltd in Szeged on 2023, May 15-20.


Your support will go a long way in successful organization of this international event and strengthen the organizers to take up such initiatives in future too. We are earnestly looking forward to your kind support and participation on this international event

KWS  support the EUCARPIA CEREALS SECTION CONFERENCE with 1.000 € (one thousand euro)